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Square Meal Tasting Event 2015

We have joined Square Meal Tasting Event (18th November, London) to let food and drinkers lovers t taste variety of sake. We were one of the busiest stands of all!

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Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2015

We have exhibited Japanese sake from 28 local breweries along with authentic Japanese savories and snacks at Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2015.

We had over 4,000 keen food & beverage buyers visited our stands and experienced the new Japanese taste.

Here are few highlights of our stands!

  1. Unique and historical sake breweries including the smallest Sake Breweries in Japan Sugihara Sake Brewery, and breweries over 200 years old, Yukawashuzoten (established in 1650), Kuze Sake Brewery (Established in 1786), and Kamogawa Sake brewery (established in 1741).
  1. Rare Japanese Vintage sake, including IWC award winner Yamabuki Gold from Kinmon Akita Brewery, blended aged sake from 1970s Kijyo Daikosyu Furudokei (Kamogawa Sake brewery), and Asagisuisen (Asahikawa Shuzo), sake made with the traditional brewing process from Edo period.
  1. Unique Japanese fruits liqueur including Yuzu liqueur made with Yuzu citron and sake, Matunami Yuzuko (Matsunami Sake Brewery) and Hannariyuzu (Takeuchi Sake Brewery) and Plum liqueur made with Japanese plum and sake, Ume-Shiragiku Tsuyuakane (HIROSE limited partnership company), and Takasago Plum Sake (kanaya Shuzoutenn).