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London Sake Fair 2016 (18th October)


We are pleased to take part in London Sake Fair 2016.

London Sake Fair 2016 is a only sake focused trade tasting event in London, where sake breweries across Japan will gather to present their unique sake to the visitors.


  • Meet 10+ sake breweries across Japan. This is a rare opportunity to be able to taste sake from different regions without going to Japan!
  • Sake & Food Matching: We are planning to hold a workshop to show how Umami of sake can enhance the flavor of food
  • Explore wide varieties of sake: Taste from the top quality Daiginjo / Junmai Daiginjo to rare vintage sake and lovely fruit sake.
  • Sake cocktail experiments: We will also planning to host the sake cocktail demonstration to suggest some sake cocktail ideas


This is an exclusive event for food trade professional including:

  • Sommeliers / Bar managers / Restaurant Managers / Chefs
  • Retailer buyers / Wine sales advisor
  • Wholesalers / Distributors


Date:         Tuesday, 18th October 2016

Time:         Noon – 6pm

Venue:      Baglioni Hotel



However this is strictly trade only event. London Sake Fair Executive Committee has right to refuse the entry for attendees who do not meet the criteria.


You can register for free from the link below:



Contact Akimitsu Takata (

【UKSA + Sake@UK】Sake Masterclass (25th September)


There are over 1,500 sake breweries across Japan in every prefecture bar one. Like Wine sake offers characteristics that are unique to each region and sub-region and it is both challenging but possible to find these characteristics.

2nd annual Sake@UK Sake Masterclass  (Sunday 25th September, Baglioni Hotel) will explore 5 different regions, covering the “main character” of each region. This will be a unique opportunity for sommeliers, bar managers and beverage professionals to taste unique sakes from different regions and identify the main feature & identity of each region.

Register from the link below:

<About the Masterclass>

Date:     Sunday 25th September 2016
Time:    3pm – 8pm
Venue:  Baglioni Hotel, Kensington Suite <60 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5BB>
Fee:       £40 per person

<About the speaker, Jonathan Beagle>
Jonathan started his education in drinks from a young age, and has worked in the UK drinks industry in a variety of roles for over 9 years. Speaking Japanese it wasn’t long before he came to love Japanese sake, and as well as being a qualified sommelier, is also a sake sommelier (a finalist of the inaugural Sake Sommelier of the Year in 2013) who has been head-sommelier and assistant manager at some of London’s top Japanese restaurants. He currently teaches with sake module of the UKSA certified sommelier course.

Three Wine Men London Summer Tasting 17-18th June

We have exhibited at Three Wine Men London Summer Tasting on 17-18th June, when we met with well known wine experts, Oz Clarke, Tim Atkin MW and Olly Smith and drinks enthusiasts across London.

Three Wine Men Three wine men 2 Three wine men 3 Three wine men 4 Three wine men 5


Here are Sakes we exhibited.


X3 Rose
Very unique Rose sake made with three times more Koji!
Brewery: Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery (Akita)
ABV: 15.5%
Rice Variety: Menkoina, Red Rice
Polishing Ratio: 75%

Olly Smith’s tasting comment: ‘Sumptuous sake, destined for glory paired with a shellfish barbecue!’



Furudokei, 1972, 73 and 74

Blended vintage sake of over 40 years!
Brewery: Kamogawa Sake Brewery (Yamagata)
ABV: 16%
Rice Variety: Sawa no Hana
Polishing Ratio: 65%

Tim Atkin’s tasting comment: ‘Sumptuous sake, destined for glory paired with a shellfish barbecue!’
A tasting comment of X3 Rose (Kinmon Akita Sake brewery)



Shichiken Yama No Kasumi
Premium sparkling sake made with second fermentation in the bottle (very rare!)
Brewery: Yamanashi Meijo Sake Brewery (Yamanashi)
ABV: 11%

Sake@UK Portfolio Event (7th June 2016)

We have hosted Sake@UK portfolio tasting event on Tuesday 7t June 2016 at Vagabond Wines – Charlotte Street.

We displayed over 80 brands of sake and visitors were exploring a huge range of sake collection.


We had over 100 keen sake enthusiasts came to this event despite thunderstorm…!

Vintage Sake@UK portfolio Junmai Junmai ginjo Ibi Sugihara & UKSA


【UK Sommelier Association + Sake@UK】 Sake Masterclass!

We have partnered with UK Sommelier association and presented a masterclass of Japanese sake as part of their wine course in May.

Students of UK Sommelier association wine course had opportunities to grasp the basic understanding about Japanese sake and tasted different styles of sake.

13124597_1780294232201885_675131564547885516_n 13102625_1780294212201887_4496204856072526876_n

13179319_1780294168868558_2253911542373616097_n 13103442_1780294148868560_6727221063936427174_n

【Social Wine and Tapas + Sake@UK】Sake Masterclass

Sake@UK has teamed up with cosy wine bar Social Wine and Tapas to host a sake masterclass on 9th May 2016. Our Sake consultant, Jonathan Beagle will talk you through basic tips on sake tasting and food pairing.

grid_06   IMG_20160509_194834   IMG_20160509_191727   IMG_20160509_175928

IMG_20160509_175720   13177763_1782524655312176_9006363269425002659_n


SITT Spring Tasting Event

Sake at UK exhibited at SITT spring London to showcase unique and premium selection of sake.

To find our more about this event, visit SITT website from here.


Date: 24th February 2016

Venue: Lindley Hall, The Royal Horticultural Halls


Date: 22nd February 2016

Venue: The Point at Lancashire County Cricket Club